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Owners  of the Sojka Family Home will be very grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which is intended to ensure the peace and security of all our guests.

  1. The hotel day lasts from 14.00 to 10.00. It starts with half board and ends with breakfast.
  2. Check-in at the hotel takes place from 14:00 on the day of arrival.
  3. Access to the reserved room before the start of the hotel day is possible only if it has already been prepared for the reception of guests.
  4. On the day of arrival, the guest is required to present a photo ID for the registration.
  5. The guest can not lend a room he rents to people who have not checked in at  the Sojka Family Home .
  6. Meals are served during the hours: breakfast from 8.00 to 10.00, dinners from 15.00 to 17.00.
  7. No guest appearance for the meal does not release him from the payment (unless the parties agreed otherwise).
  8. The room is reserved for a date that has been previously agreed.
  9. We take into account wishes to extend your stay as far as possible.
  10. We reserve the right to request payment in advance for the entire stay.
  11. Non-pre-paid reservation in the event of no guest  arriving  at the Soj Family House by 18.00 on the day of arrival expires automatically without informing the client, unless he or she first informs. The guest has the right to cancel a reservation which is not guaranteed free of charge at any time by phone or e-mail.
  12. Guaranteed reservation (supported by prepayment) in the event of a guest not arriving before 22.00 on the day of arrival is tantamount to resignation from the stay, if the guest has not informed the reception and is equivalent to the possibility of renting a room.
  13. If the reservation date is changed 14 days before the reservation date or the total resignation from stay due to reasons beyond  the Sojków Family House, the advance payment is not refundable.
  14. Night silence is valid from 23.00 to 7.00.
  15. Due to the comfort of our guests’ rest in the  House of the Family Sojków  , smoking is strictly forbidden. You can smoke only in a designated place outside the building.
  16. Guests bear full financial responsibility for any damage – damage or destruction of equipment or technical devices (including the loss of keys) resulting from his fault or people visiting him.
  17. We are not responsible for items left in the room and throughout  the Sojków Family House .
  18. Unguarded parking for guests of  Domu Rodziny Sojków  is free. The owner of the site is not responsible for parking vehicles or property left behind.
  19. The service is obliged to respond to comments and reservations regarding the level of services, equipment operation and order and cleanliness in  the Sojków Family House .
  20. It is forbidden to take towels and blankets out of the room.
  21. If there is a need to clean the room, please report it to the reception. Bed linen exchange is valid for stays longer than 7 days.
  22. We do not provide bedding for children who sleep in tourist cots free of charge.
  23. The use of recreation (salt cave, sauna, gym, billiards, table football, parlor) is not additionally payable. In the event of a fault, any of the devices, the guest can not demand a discount, for not using the up. dim. attractions, and we, for our part, will do our best to eliminate them quickly.

Thank you for complying with the rules of the  House of the Sojka Family . It will allow you to relax in a nice atmosphere and ensure a comfortable stay.