The interiors of our houses are filled with objects that, apart from being beautiful, constitute a great sentimental value, and sometimes even a historical value. Staying among them, you will be able to feel for a moment as if you were in a different world. A world where time did not flow so fast.

Ethnographic exhibition

To celebrate the hard work of our Highlander ancestors, we have collected and labelled pieces of furniture, as well as tools used in households by our forefathers.
The ethnographic exhibition is placed indoors and on the outer walls of the houses.All farming, kitchen, carpenter tools, village house furnishing, and horse carts preserved, as well as purchased from other farmers, have been labelled and exposed in our own exhibition.

through the stomach to the heart

Traditional Highlander's Kitchen

We take care of the visitor’s palate, trying to introduce the regional highlander’s cuisine. Traditional recipes are still alive in our home. We do not limit ourselves to preparing delicious home-made meals. According to recipes handed down from generation to generation, we prepare our own products: cheese, butter, sausages, pâtés, jams, pickles and other preserves, which are then hosted on our tables and buffets.

feel the atmosphere of old times