We have prepared a lot of ways for our guests to spend their free time. Regardless of what the weather is like outside, you can hang out with friends and family while playing table football or billiards. Children will be able to have fun in the playroom. Thanks to the gym you will be able to take care of your fitness also during the trip – without having to stop your training plan. Sauna and salt cave will allow you to cut yourself away from everyday problems and worries. There are also places where you can just sit and chat with your loved ones. You will not be bored!

Common Room

On the ground floor of the house there is a shared room with a kitchenette.

Fireplace room

In the basement of the building there is a spacious fireplace room with a barge. Tables with benches are prepared for possessions or other family celebrations. There are separate sanitary facilities next to the room.


A spacious hall with entrances to all rooms. There is a long highlander table with benches and various old tools are displayed, among others for the production of homespun fabric.

Fireplace room – games room  

In the basement of the house is a large fireplace room perfect for evening possessions. It is equipped with billiards, table football, a long table with benches.


The dry ”Finnish” sauna has a rather low air humidity. Temperature inside reaches up to 85-120 Centigrade. The sauna bath comprises being naked in alternating high and low temperatures.
After the sauna, one should usually take a cool bath.
Our sauna features a shower.


On the first floor of the house a guest kitchen is prepared (it is not adapted for cooking meals). In addition to the typical equipment (fridge, induction hob, sink, microwave, kettle), there is a large table with benches.


The fitness centre features: a stationary training bike, cross-trainer, treadmill, and multi-gym.

Salt Cave

The Salt Cave is the latest original method of applying marine salt for rehabilitation, prophylaxis and health protection. The cave features a micro-climate of bacteriological clarity, the air is ionised negatively and filled with minerals and micro-elements.

Green area

The houses are adjacent, located on one plot, at some distance from the main road across the village, on a large green area with few buildings, which stretches up to the riverbank, with convenient access at all times of the year.

Lounge and kitchenette

On the first floor there is a small sitting room where you can sit with a coffee. Right next to it is a small kitchenette prepared for guests.

Dining room

At the ground floor, there is a spacious, two-part dining room, where we serve home-made meals from our kitchen located just behind the wall.
Walls of the dining room are decorated with folk art and compositions of roots of trees and bushes, which is the landlord’s hobby.

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