The Salt Cave is the latest original method of applying marine salt for rehabilitation, prophylaxis and health protection. The cave features a micro-climate of bacteriological clarity, the air is ionised negatively and filled with minerals and micro-elements.
Our “Salt Cave” is built from rock salt brought from a salt mine near Kraków. The deposits originate from Miocene, an area of Poland that was once a sea bed. The excavation of salt commenced as early as in 1397, and the Sutoris shaft is the oldest salt shaft still operating in European mines.

At the “Salt Cave”, the crystals of salt are placed in the walls, ceiling and floor of the room, creating a colourful composition of natural colours: pink, white and grey. The micro-climate inside is a reminder of being at the seaside during stormy weather, when the air is filled with iodine, and it has a similar effect on our body.
Crystalline Rock salt is a natural ioniser that effectively improves the quality of air, producing negative ions that can be found in huge quantities over the sea, at waterfalls, and after a storm. Clean, ionised air owing to salt, relaxes and supports the treatment of many diseases.

The “Cave” features a saline “spring”, where the iodine-bromide saline flows freely along the cascade, freeing therapeutically active components of saline, namely the ions of: iodine, bromide, calcium, and magnesium, which stimulate the upper respiratory tract. Comfortable deck-chairs allow one to thoroughly relax. A session in this extraordinary climate makes breathing deeper and easier, improves concentration, and brings about the sensation of freshness and wellbeing. Salt also has a positive impact on our skin, delaying its aging, and smoothing wrinkles. A visit to the Salt Cave stimulates metabolism, therefore it may be beneficial in the slimming process.

During a stay at the Cave lasting approx. 50 minutes, which corresponds to three days at the seaside, we breathe in a number of micro-elements:

  • iodine – responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland that manages metabolism and regulates weight
  • calcium – improves immunity, soothes irritation and regulates the functions of the circulatory system
  • magnesium – with anti-stress function, it has a beneficial impact on the cardio-vascular system
  • potassium, sodium and chlorides – also act positively on the heart and improve blood flow in the skin
  • iron – a necessary component of haemoglobin
  • copper – antimycotic action, impacts on haemoglobin synthesis and on internal secretion glands
  • selenium – slows down the skin’s ageing process
  • bromide – calms the nervous system.

The cave’s climate is beneficial for such diseases as:

  • chronic rhinitis, inflammations of the throat, larynx, or bronchitis
  • allergic infections of the upper respiratory tract
  • chronic sinus inflammations
  • bronchial asthma
  • lung and bronchial disorders
  • lower immunity
  • hypothyreosis.

The cave also features a set for colour-therapy, which has a significant impact on a person’s wellbeing during the session. The emission of light in warm colours (yellow, orange and red) is stimulating and energising. In turn, cool colours (violet, blue, indigo) have soothing and calming properties.